“I am in my 3rd month as Healthy Steps Specialist, and am already seeing how important having an extra set of “different eyes” at the primary care clinic is. After working in intervention for the last 10 years with mostly adults and adolescents, I have been eager to get back into prevention as I have often wondered how different my client’s lives would/could be if they had some intervention at an early age. As a new mother, I would have loved to have had someone to help ease all my anxieties about what my baby should or should not be doing, or what I am or not doing right.

Last week, a mother of eight came onto the mobile clinic with two of her eight children. She told us that she had recently moved to Fort Worth from California. Neither of her children had insurance yet, and her children with both due for well child exams and immunizations. She had seen the mobile clinic last month as she lives a few doors down from where it is parked, but was unsure about what it was. Last week, she said she spotted it from her house again and walked over to inquire about services. I was able to visit with the family before the well child visit where she filled out a needs questionnaire. She admitted that her family has dealt with food insecurity, as well as limited access to reliable transportation within the last 12 months. She told me that her 3 and 5 year old children both had some special needs, and she needed to begin setting up services for them in this area. She told me that she and her husband were also in need of access to medical care as she had recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after the birth of her 3 month old. After the mother and I visited, I was able to be present for the well child visit with Dr. Robinson. The doctor discovered some speech and motor delays with the one year old child, so Dr. Robinson asked that I assist the family in contacting ECI for an evaluation. I have the ability to provide some services in the home, and have set up a home visit with this family so I can help guide them to needed resources in our community.

I know that this family eventually would have gotten their needs met over time, but I’m certain with the placement of Healthy Steps on the mobile clinic we are able to fulfill the mission that early is best.

– Julia, Healthy Steps Specialist