HealthySteps is an evidence-based, interdisciplinary pediatric primary care program committed to healthy development for babies and toddlers and nurturing parenting; so that as babies grow, they are ready for kindergarten and success in life.

Healthy Steps Specialists (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW) become part pf the pediatric team to offer developmental, behavioral, social, and emotional screenings to children during their well-child visit. HealthySteps Specialists also provide parents with guidance, screenings and referrals needed to raise healthy families.

An onsite HealthySteps Specialist to discuss concerns, as well as provide prevention and intevention for important, non-medical issues, such as:

Child Issues/At Risk:

  • Abuse/neglect/maltreatment/toxic stress
  • Developmental delays (e.g. language; motor; cognitive)
  • Social-emotional/disruptive behaviors
  • Social determinants of health
  • Malnutrition
  • Physical Safety

Family Issues/At Risk:

  • Maternal depression/anxiety
  • Domestic abuse
  • Low-income (e.g. food; housing; transportation to appointments)
  • Substance use/addiction/tobacco use
  • Strained relationships

Services/Assistance by HealthySteps Specialist:

  • Screenings (e.g. ASQ; ASQ:SE-2; ACEs; SEEK; EPDS)
  • Positive parenting guidance/education (Parent Cafes; Nurturing Parenting Program; how a parent’s life experiences impact their child’s development and their own parenting style)
  • Early learning resources (e.g. individual and group services)
  • Community referrals (e.g. social services; hospital specialty clinics; counseling)
  • Collaboration with pediatric staff (e.g. data sharing, quality improvement)
  • Trauma-Informed Care (e.g. Trust-Based Relational Intervention®)
This program is partially funded by the following organization/foundation(s)

HOPES is a Texas Department of family & Protective Services’ Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) grant.
HealthySteps Specialists are employed by MHMR Early Childhood Services.
HealthySteps Outcomes Summary:
HealthySteps is a program of Zero To Three, a national organization dedicated to ensuring that all babies and toddlers have strong start in life.