Family Resources

Fall 2018

Parenting can be challenging sometimes and we know that when parents get the help they need, there’s hope for their children. Below is a list of videos, articles and resources that offer support and inspiration. Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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Emergency Assistance and Social Services Resources

Tips for a Safe Halloween and a Great Fall!
National Child Abuse Prevention Month

30-Second Video Lessons on How to Keep Babies Safe When They Sleep (videos) Source: DFPS

How To Calm a Crying Baby Source:

Always Give Babies Room to Breathe When They Sleep Source: DFPS

Room to Breathe brochure Source: DFPS

Ways To Stop Your Child From Being Clingy! Source:

The Period of Purple Crying Source: National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Baby Boxes for Safe Sleeping Source: The Baby Box Co.

Help in and Transitioning from NICU Source: NICU Helping Hands

Children Like To Explore Their Surroundings. Here’s How To Keep Them Safe!

Sleep, Car and Water Safety Source: DFPS

Why You Should Baby Proof Your Home Source:

Keeping Your Kids Safe From Guns! Source:

Helmet Safety and Why It’s Important Source:

Don’t Leave Your Kids in a Hot Car! It Can Affect Their Health. Source:

Online Safety Tips You Need to Know

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Milestone Tracker App

CDC’s new, free app for parents and other important care providers offers

  • Interactive milestone checklists for ages 2 months through 5 years;
  • Milestones illustrated in photos and videos;
  • Your child’s milestone summary to share with others;
  • Activities that can help your child’s development;
  • What to do if you have a concern about your child’s development; and
  • Reminders for appointments and developmental screening.